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Seven Steps From Negative To Positive!​

On a good day, life is hard and on bad day, life just seems impossible. We’ve all been at that place where it seems like no matter how hard we try to stay on the positive side of life, the negative just keeps crashing in on us and all we can think about is giving up.

I totally understand, because it’s a battle I’ve fought since the very moment of my birth into this human experience. I am generally a pretty positive person and through the years, I have developed the skills that encourage me toward positivity over negativity. So it’s extra crazy to me how I can so quickly and easily he painted into a corner of defeat.

I have found that there are a few small things that can make a big difference in building up positivity in my life, so that I can take on and take out the negativity. When I feel the negative growing, I use these things as a check list to help bring me into alignment with the positive side of life. Several things on this list are actually a part of my daily routine, which contributes in a very big way in helping me to be an encouragement to others

Seven Steps From Negative To Positive!

1. Scriptures! The Bible is full of promises and encouragement. Take some time to discover and write down some of these that you own as your own. Read it and meditate on it. Speak it out loud and let it be real. Believe it and watch the miraculous happen in your life…

2. Journaling! Pen and paper are a very important part of being healthy. There is something almost magical that happens when we allow our thoughts to flow from our mind, through the pen and onto the paper. Just the act itself works wonders!!!

3. Music! Music jas always been a powerful force and it can lift you up or bring you down. It can excite you or give you peace. Make sure that you are listening to what is helping you. Learn to recognize your emotions and allow them to dictate your musical diet.

4. Quotes! With the internet and social media, we have access to all kinds of encouragement from words and pictures. You can print them out to post in key locations, use them as screen savers on electronic devices and memorize them to speak encouragement to yourself and others.

5. Diet & Exercise! Food and drink have an impact on how we feel. A good meal can do wonders for making you feel better. Pay attention to how food and drink impacts you and contributes to your well being. Exercise does not have to be complicated at all. It is amazing what a difference some simple stretching and a good walk can do for you both mentally and physically.

6. Self Care! We all have basic needs and being aware of those needs and making effort to make sure our needs are met is a very important part of living a healthy and positive life. Think of the three major areas of your life: Physical, Mental and Spiritual – figure out your basic needs in these areas and make sure those needs are being met. You matter and if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else.

7. Service! One of the quickest ways I have discovered that I can move myself from negative to positive is by doing something to make life better for someone else. Look for ways to be a blessing to others and you will be pleasantly surprised at how this simple a t opens up your own life to blessing…

Seven Steps To Experience Divine Repair!

Here are the seven steps that we each need to take, so that the Spirit can begin the process of “Divine Repair” upon our lives…

1.) Face Your Problem!  We all have problems,  Figure out what your problem is and then face it.  This is the first and most important step.  Stop pretending that you don’t have any problems.  Once you face your problems, you will begin to see what you need to do about it, now do it!

2.) Accept Responsibility!  While there may be others that contributed to the problems that you are facing, it is still your problem and you must bear the responsibility.  This is not necessarily easy, but it is right.  If things are going to be better, then it is because you have decided they are going to be better.

3.)  Ask Yourself If You Really Want Healing?  They say “misery loves company” and I guess that this is true for a great many people.  But why be miserable, when you can be happy, strong and fulfilled?  You have to decide if you really want to be happy and if you do, then you have to go all in and go for it!

4.) Forgive Yourself!  Stop beating yourself up with the same club over and over again. We all make mistakes and we all screw up at this thing called life.  If we learn from our screw ups, then they are not screw ups, they are education.  So you messed up, learn from it, let it go and move on.

5.) Forgive Others!  You can live in the prison of unforgiveness or you can live in the freedom of holding no grudges, it is up to you.  Just know this:  If you stay imprisoned, it is because you have made the choice to not claim your freedom by withholding forgiveness that sets everyone free.

6.) Ask For The Spirit’s Help!  You are not supposed to do this alone, because you can’t do this alone, so ask the Spirit to help you.  The Spirit will speak to you, guide you and grow you to a place that you cannot take yourself.  You need the Spirits help!

7.) Don’t Give Up!  If it was easy, then everyone would do it.  It’s not easy, but it is possible and with the possibility comes a new and better life.  Step out in faith and claim your better and blessed life today, you will be glad you did!

3 Steps To An Amazing Life!

What Do You Expect?

1. Expectation!  We all have desires, what we want, what we wish, but we need to learn that there is a very big difference between what we desire and what we expect.  Desire can be a good and powerful thing, but only if we learn to fix our expectation, so that it rewards our desires.  If your expectation is wrong, then everything else in your life will be thrown in the wrong direction.  Desire is the spark, but expectation is the fire.  Expectation gets it’s power from faith.  God created you, loves you and has an amazing plan for your life.  Expect great and miraculous things and your faith will manifest the incredible.  Set your heart on the things of God and expect His blessings to flow and they most certainly will!

What He Has Is Best!

2.  Acceptance!  When God begins to move in and through your life, it is an incredible and amazing thing.  God plants a desire in your heart and gives you the faith the expect that desire to become a reality, but you still have to do your part.  Many times in life, we cannot possess what our Creator has for us, because we do not accept what our Creator is offering us.  The heart of expectation created by God will lead the soul to accept the mighty and amazing things of God.  Spiritual blessing is yours, but you have to receive it, take it and use it!

A Leap Of Faith!

3.  Trust!  Our Creator is the great promise maker and the great promise keeper!  As we learn to live in obedient surrender to Him, He gives us a life abundant and everlasting that is greater than anything that we could dream or imagine.  When we learn to live a life of trust, God gets glory.  Our glorified God is worthy of our trust.  Sometimes in order to trust Him, I have to get myself and my will out-of-the-way.  Sometimes the choice is between me and Him!  Do I trust myself or do I trust Him?  It should be a no brainer, but it’s not always so simple.  Trusting in Him is an act of faith, which allows me to say with my actions and reactions that His will is better than mine!

Expect, Accept and Trust!  These three steps will begin a wonderful and amazing journey, which will allow you to live an amazing life, not just for today, but for all eternity!