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3 Steps To An Amazing Life!

What Do You Expect?

1. Expectation!  We all have desires, what we want, what we wish, but we need to learn that there is a very big difference between what we desire and what we expect.  Desire can be a good and powerful thing, but only if we learn to fix our expectation, so that it rewards our desires.  If your expectation is wrong, then everything else in your life will be thrown in the wrong direction.  Desire is the spark, but expectation is the fire.  Expectation gets it’s power from faith.  God created you, loves you and has an amazing plan for your life.  Expect great and miraculous things and your faith will manifest the incredible.  Set your heart on the things of God and expect His blessings to flow and they most certainly will!

What He Has Is Best!

2.  Acceptance!  When God begins to move in and through your life, it is an incredible and amazing thing.  God plants a desire in your heart and gives you the faith the expect that desire to become a reality, but you still have to do your part.  Many times in life, we cannot possess what our Creator has for us, because we do not accept what our Creator is offering us.  The heart of expectation created by God will lead the soul to accept the mighty and amazing things of God.  Spiritual blessing is yours, but you have to receive it, take it and use it!

A Leap Of Faith!

3.  Trust!  Our Creator is the great promise maker and the great promise keeper!  As we learn to live in obedient surrender to Him, He gives us a life abundant and everlasting that is greater than anything that we could dream or imagine.  When we learn to live a life of trust, God gets glory.  Our glorified God is worthy of our trust.  Sometimes in order to trust Him, I have to get myself and my will out-of-the-way.  Sometimes the choice is between me and Him!  Do I trust myself or do I trust Him?  It should be a no brainer, but it’s not always so simple.  Trusting in Him is an act of faith, which allows me to say with my actions and reactions that His will is better than mine!

Expect, Accept and Trust!  These three steps will begin a wonderful and amazing journey, which will allow you to live an amazing life, not just for today, but for all eternity!

What Do You Expect?

What Do You Expect?

Our expectations often determine our realities!  Expectations have the potential to limit or increase your blessing!  We usually get what we expect!  In Matthew 9:29, Jesus says: “According to your faith will it be done to you.” In other words if you expect things to be bad, then they will most likely be bad, but if you expect things to be good, then they will most likely turn out for good!

If you see the glass half empty, then you will always be focusing on what you don’t have and you will probably never have anything of substance.  If you see the glass half full, then you have learned to focus on the blessings in hand and you will probably see your life travel in the direction of more and greater blessing.

This does not mean that you don’t ever have any problems or challenges.  It just means that you have learned to look at them differently than the majority of the world.  God loves you and He has an amazing plan for your life and He has promised that He will use even the bad for good in the lives of those who love Him and who live according to His calling to fulfill His purpose!

If your expectations are messed up and in the wrong place, then change them up.  Start by taking some time to pray and ask for God’s help.  Next, spend some time letting the positive message of God’s Word to move in positive way through your life.  And finally challenge yourself every time you find the negative and low expectations creeping in!

You can do this – grow your expectations and Give God Glory!

Don’t Miss The New Thing!

The past is good and tradition is good, as long as we do not get stuck in it! The good thing about the past and tradition is that they can instruct us into a better and more productive future, if we are paying attention and learning for what they are teaching.

It is very easy to get “set in your ways”. We restrict ourselves from the forward progress that God has for us because we get stuck in our personal perspectives.  If we are not careful, we will find yourself in a rut of our own making, because we have gotten stuck in our own thinking!

Remember This! It is very important to remember that our God is a Creator!  As a creator, God is always doing something new.  But God can’t and won’t accomplish something new in and through our lives, if we are not willing to change.  We must be ready to enlarge our vision and expand our thinking – if we are to experience the new creation of our Amazing Creator God!

Don’t Miss It! In Isaiah 43:19  God says: “Behold I am doing a new thing!  Do you not perceive it and know it?” God wants to grow you!  God wants to promote you!  God wants to give you increase!  God wants to do something new, magnificent and unexplainable in and through your life.  God wants to do a new thing in and through you!  Did you notice the question in Isaiah?  It says:  “Can you not perceive it?”  If you can’t from your perspective, see the new thing that God wants to do in and through you, then you need to change your perspective!

Learn And Grow! Learn from the past and appreciate tradition, but don’t get stuck there, because if you do, you will miss the new thing that God is doing!

A Pray To Pray! Thank you God for our past and for helping us to learn from our mistakes and failures!  Thank you for tradition and for how it reminds me of Your faithfulness, goodness and grace!  Help us Lord to appreciate, but not get stuck in these places.  We don’t want to miss the new thing that you are doing.  Please let us be right in the middle of Your perfect will!