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Just Like Dad!

I was talking with my oldest daughter Gracie on the way to school one day this past week and was amazed at how much she is just like me.  Her observations, horse sense, opinions and judgments.  There are some things that I see her do, or hear her say that rub me the wrong way, until I realize that those things are some of the same things that I continually find myself battling with.

I like to think that I am a good man, but the truth is that I am a sinner saved by grace.  My goodness is not from myself, but from my Creator, Savior and Friend.  Sometimes I find myself getting less tolerant of my family and friends, in what I perceive to be their challenges or weaknesses, but then the Spirit helps me to look within myself and I know that I have more than enough work to do on myself, so I am learning to let the other go.

I was created to love and be loved.  Judgment is above my pay grade and I am not really any good at it any way, so I will leave that to the Creator, Who sees all, knows all and is in control of all.

Father,  Thank You for reminding me that I am just a man, but I am not just any man, I am Your man.  Help me to grow into these big shoes that you have given me to fill and help me to walk on the path that you have marked out for me.  Along the way, as I encounter others, help me to love them as you have loved me – without condition.  Help me to help and bless others with no expectations.  Help me to remember that my service to others, is really my service to You.  Help me to love at all times, be patient in all situations and yielded to you in not just some things, but in everything.

I pray that one day, when You are looking at me as Your son, that You will see some of what makes You so great in me!

3 Steps To An Amazing Life!

What Do You Expect?

1. Expectation!  We all have desires, what we want, what we wish, but we need to learn that there is a very big difference between what we desire and what we expect.  Desire can be a good and powerful thing, but only if we learn to fix our expectation, so that it rewards our desires.  If your expectation is wrong, then everything else in your life will be thrown in the wrong direction.  Desire is the spark, but expectation is the fire.  Expectation gets it’s power from faith.  God created you, loves you and has an amazing plan for your life.  Expect great and miraculous things and your faith will manifest the incredible.  Set your heart on the things of God and expect His blessings to flow and they most certainly will!

What He Has Is Best!

2.  Acceptance!  When God begins to move in and through your life, it is an incredible and amazing thing.  God plants a desire in your heart and gives you the faith the expect that desire to become a reality, but you still have to do your part.  Many times in life, we cannot possess what our Creator has for us, because we do not accept what our Creator is offering us.  The heart of expectation created by God will lead the soul to accept the mighty and amazing things of God.  Spiritual blessing is yours, but you have to receive it, take it and use it!

A Leap Of Faith!

3.  Trust!  Our Creator is the great promise maker and the great promise keeper!  As we learn to live in obedient surrender to Him, He gives us a life abundant and everlasting that is greater than anything that we could dream or imagine.  When we learn to live a life of trust, God gets glory.  Our glorified God is worthy of our trust.  Sometimes in order to trust Him, I have to get myself and my will out-of-the-way.  Sometimes the choice is between me and Him!  Do I trust myself or do I trust Him?  It should be a no brainer, but it’s not always so simple.  Trusting in Him is an act of faith, which allows me to say with my actions and reactions that His will is better than mine!

Expect, Accept and Trust!  These three steps will begin a wonderful and amazing journey, which will allow you to live an amazing life, not just for today, but for all eternity!

People Matter!

My Daughter Grace & My Cousin's Daughter Rayna!

My Daughter Grace & My Cousin's Daughter Rayna!

Sorry for being a little late posting this morning.  I was at the hospital to the wee hours of the morning this morning.  I then ran into the office and got a few things together that they have to have from me for the weekend services and now I am at another hospital visiting with another family.  I stepped away for a few minutes so that I could share a quick update and a few words of encouragement.

Someone asked me the other day:  “Why do you work so hard to try to be there for everybody?”  They then went on to explain that I am not a small church pastor, but that I act like one.  At first, I was not real sure how to take what they were saying, but I think on some level it must have been a compliment.

God has been very good to me by allowing me to lead a growing and meaningful ministry.  He allows me to preach in multiple services in two very beautiful facilities to some of the most wonderful people that you could ever want to meet.  He has given me a team that works hard to help me to accomplish the things that He is laying upon my heart.

When I began to understand that God was calling me into ministry, I was excited about the fact that I would have the opportunity to touch and make people’s lives better with my life.  Ministry would not be ministry for me, if I could not have personal and meaningful interaction with the people that I minister to!  People are people and sometimes people can be messy, mean and selfish, but we are all still God’s creation and we all matter!

I don’t have to make myself care about people.  I don’t have to make myself love people.  I care and love because that is what I got from Jesus.  Caring and loving people is a natural part of who I am.  I just do it because Jesus does it for me!  Jesus has done it for you too and if you will let Him, He will do it through you!

I hope this encourages you to love and be loved today!