The Work Of God!

Growth Takes Time!
Growth Takes Time!

We have been talking all week about being “poor in spirit!” To be poor in spirit is to be humble!  It’s not just saying that I am humble, it is real and actual humility.  Humility which understands and believes that there are some things that I can’t do and I need help and that help can only come from my Creator and Sustainer God!

Humility is the work of God! A true servant of Jesus will possess a deep and abiding dependence on and in the Lord!  It is easy to say that we have a relationship with Jesus, but the truth is:  If we have a relationship with Jesus, we will not have to say anything, because the relationship will prove itself in and through the way that we live out our lives.  One of the biggest reasons that I have a relationship with Jesus is because I cannot do life by myself!

We can fake dependence in front of the world, but we need to always remember that God knows our heart and that is where real dependence begins and ends! Real dependence begins and ends in our heart.  We need to realize that we have no spiritual merit!  We are helpless worthless and sinful!  We need to admit that we can earn no spiritual reward!  It is God Who is mighty, worthy and glorified!  We need to lose our pride!  We are poor and He is rich!  We cannot find any assurance in self!  We are doomed and He is redemptive!  We stand empty handed before God!  We are dead and He is alive!

Humility is not an act!  Humility is an attitude! We get to make a choice to live with or without this attitude.  We get to make a choice to live in our own power or in the supernatural power of God.

Come back tomorrow and we will take a look at some steps that we can take to make this attitude our own!