Frustrated With Frustration!

I have heard from a lot of people this week that seem to be facing frustration big time! For most of us, not experiencing frustration is not an option, so what are we going to do about it?  If we are going to have to deal with frustration, then we must make sure that we get the most out of it.

Our goal is to learn from our frustration and move on! So here are some very important steps to take:

PRAY!  PRAY!  PRAY! We need to talk to God about it.  I know that this sounds simple and most people try it and it does not make the difference that you are looking for.  We don’t need to just go through the motions of prayer.  We need to make sure that we are praying – actually talking and listening to God.  Seek to really make a connection with God in your praying!  Pour your heart out and then make sure that you take some time to open your heart for what God has to give you!

Think Through! If you have actually taken the time to really pray about your frustration, then you will through the process of talking and listening to God already have taken the time to think through the frustration.  Here are some questions to help you think through the frustration:  Where is it coming from? Are you the source or is someone else the source?  What can you do about it? Figure out what you can and can’t do and do what you can and let go of the can’t do!  How can you move on? Whatever you need to do to move forward according to God’s plan – do it!

Get Ready! Another frustration is just around the corner.  We will never totally get away from frustration, but we can always get the most out of it!  One more thing that you can do to help yourself with frustration is ask others to pray for you.  If I can pray for you just facebook, twitter, text or call me!  God Bless and Keep It Real!