How Are You Doing?

Pa's Place!

How are you doing? Really – how are you doing?  How are you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually?  It is amazing to think that with a few small changes in our lives – God can and will do big things in and through our lives.  The area that we really need to be concerned with is the spiritual!

Life can and should be different! And it will be different, if we will take the time to grow our spiritual lives.  In Matthew 5:1-12 we discover eight attitudes that Jesus teaches that will change our lives.  These “Beatitudes” bring the blessing of happiness and the promise of reward.  As we read and attempt to live with these attitudes in our daily living – our goal is to actually experience life change!

To experience life change – we must listen, obey and grow! You can’t grow if you don’t obey and you can’t obey if you don’t listen.  So it starts with Listening – what is the Holy Spirit saying to you?  Now the question is:  What are you going to do about it?  Do what the Holy Spirit says and you are on your way to living in obedience and the natural by product is growth.

Take some time to read through Matthew 5:1-12 and focus in on verse three today! “Blessed are the poor in spirit for they will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven!”  We have something to learn and Jesus has something to teach!  What does He want to teach you about being poor in spirit???