Sunday Wrap Up!

I thought that I would start sharing a few closing thoughts about all that God has been up to and all that He is doing in my life and the life of our church as we get ready to end our Sunday and begin our work week!  I will try to do this each Sunday evening as a review for those of us that got to take part and as a reminder for those that might have missed out!

Bible Fellowship/Sunday School was down in attendance, but good in spirit!  I estimate we had at least a hundred people that were taking advantage of the long weekend and getting in one more vacation.  (We missed you guys and hope that you thought about us!)  I want to encourage everyone to make sure that you are working to make small group Bible study and fellowship a priority.  You need to make sure that you are here and doing all that you can to invite and bring others back with you!  Those of you that did get to enjoy a vacation this Sunday – work extra hard to bring someone with you next Sunday!  You know you can do it, so don’t just think about it – be intentional and make that call or ask that person you’ve been thinking about asking!  See ya next Sunday at 8:45 A.M.

Worship attendance was down, but the crowd that was here looked good and really seemed excited to be here.  We had a great time of praise that really helped and encouraged us to take our eyes off of ourselves and the frustrations of life.  I know that as the service began, I was just a little bummed for a variety of different reasons, but as my focus shifted off of myself and onto Jesus – I found my hope strengthened, my faith be enlarged and my excitement growing.

We started a new series this morning called “Be-Attitudes!”  I am really excited about this series of messages and the possibilities that it presents to us “Wooders!”  Today – we took a look at Matthew 5:1-12 and discovered eight attitudes that come with a promise of blessings from God.  Our goal over the next several weeks will be to incorporate and adopt these attitudes of Jesus as attitudes of our own.  Try to begin each day and end each day with a reading of and thinking through this Scripture.  It would be great if the whole congregation memorized these twelve verses over the next few weeks.  Even more important than memorizing these verses is living them out moment by moment and day by day.

See you back here tomorrow as we take some time to start working the Be-Attitudes into our lives!  Don’t just know the Beatitudes – Be Them!