Teachable Moments!

My Cuz Craig & His Little Angel!
My Cuz Craig & His Little Angel!

Don’t miss the “teachable moments” today! God will teach you through the circumstances of life  and use you to teach others! In Matthew 5:1-12 we find Jesus going up on a mountain and his disciples following and right there is the secret to taking advantage of teachable moments!  We must be willing to follow!

The reason so many of us often miss out on and fail to take advantage of teachable moments is because we have trouble with following. Our trouble is – we are not willing to follow or we are following the wrong leader.  We all need leadership – you cannot do life and do it right by yourself!  God created us to do life in partnership with Him and one another.  We need to make sure that we are following the right leader, because not just any leader will do.  You can’t go wrong in following Jesus!  He loves you and given his life for you and desires for you to grow and be blessed!

Another problem that we will encounter in following is when we become overly concerned with where we are going. If you have a good leader, you do not have to be worried about where he is taking you, because if he is a good leader, he will be taking you exactly where you need to be going.  This is exactly what Jesus does with us in the Beatitudes – he leads us to exactly where we need to be going.

Make the choice today to follow Jesus! Make the choice to be the attitudes that he is talking about!  Make the choice to not waste, but take advantage of the “teachable moments!”