Sunday Is A Coming!

I know that a lot of folks are out of town for the long weekend, but I hope that all of you will make every effort to be at one of our two campuses this coming Sunday morning for the beginning of our new series:  “BE-ATTITUDES!” We will be spending the next several weeks working our way through Matthew 5:1-12.  In this passage we find some of the most important teaching that ever flowed out of the life and lips of our Savior Jesus!

Take some time before Sunday to read through the passage and consider trying to memorize it as we work our way through it during the next few weeks. These attitudes are very different from what most of us live with and in every day.  In fact, these attitudes are almost the opposite of the attitudes that most of the world lives with on a daily basis.  As we seek to live with these attitudes of Jesus – it will change our lives and allow our lives to bring change to others!

Looking forward to our learning and growing together!