What Does It Mean?

Oh No!  Now What?
Oh No! Now What?

We have began our journey through the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12. In verse three we read the first and foundational attitude:  “Blessed are the poor in Spirit for they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.” We know that “Blessed” = Happy!  So what does it mean to be “poor in spirit?”

To be poor in spirit is to shrink, cower and cringe as a totally destitute beggar, who is completely dependent upon others, because he/she has no ability to support themselves. The best way to picture “poor in spirit” is to see a beggar with one hand reaching out in desperate need and one hand covering up in embarrassed shame!  When Jesus says “Blessed are the poor in spirit – He is talking about spiritual poverty.  We need to realize, believe and live like we are nothing without Jesus, because the truth is:  We are nothing without Jesus!

To be “poor in spirit” is to be humble. It is a humble realization that we are helpless to do anything to really help ourselves and so we do the only thing that we can do and that is – we put our whole trust in God.  I am spiritually bankrupt!  I deserve nothing!  I have only one option – To turn and trust God and His grace and mercy!

We need to see ourselves as we really are! We are lost, hopeless and helpless without Jesus.  It does not matter what level of education you have obtained, how much money you have saved up, what status you live at and in, what accomplishments that you can brag on or what religion you claim to believe and to belong!  We all need to recognize our spiritual destitution and realize our complete dependance upon Jesus Christ as our Savior.  We cannot save ourselves, but we can be saved!