This Is Tough!

You Still Have Time!

It is harder to be “poor in spirit” than we think! When Jesus told us in Matthew 5:3 that “Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.” We thought:  “I can do that!”  The truth is – it is not near as easy as we might think, because just when you think you have a grasp on humility, your grasp messes you up!

We have a problem! We are strong willed, proud and full of attitude.  We like to think that we can will our way through any situation or circumstance.  The problem with willing our way through, is that we are depending on our own strength.  Our pride gets in the way every time that we make a little progress, because we believe that we deserve a pat on the back.  And if we do deserve a pat on the back, then it is once again, because we accomplished something in and of ourselves.  We are full of attitude, because we look around this world and see a lot of people getting it wrong and we know that at least we are getting some of it right, but if we are getting life right, then it is not us, it is Him in and through us.

We become self righteous and confident in and of ourselves and this is the big challenge. We must get self out of the way – if we are to experience the supernatural hand of God upon our lives.  We convince ourselves that we are happy and that we feel good about the life that we are living, but deep down – we know that something is missing.  That something that is missing is dependence upon and faith in God our Creator and Sustainer!

Realize and really believe that you are nothing without Him and everything and more than you can dream or imagine with Him!