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Greater Than You Can Imagine!

God wants to do greater things in and through our lives!  He wants to do greater things than we could dream or imagine!  For God to do His stuff to and through us, we must SURRENDER!  When we surrender – He moves us out of our limited power and vision and into the SUPERNATURAL!  Only when we give God complete and total control, can He move us from good to great!

I am not and cannot be satisfied with the status quo!  I have no choice, but to go against the flow of self satisfaction and mediocrity!  God wants to do amazing things in and through me and God wants to do amazing things in and through you also!  There will be moments of doubt, but that is when our faith kicks in and we trust God to give us the strength to take on our uncertainties!  God is calling you to something that is much bigger than yourself.  Nothing is impossible with God!  Trust Him and let Him grow your FAITH!

Forget You!

I must admit – I am a little dismayed today!  It is really hard for me to understand how a person can look you in the face and tell you how much they love you and then turn around and with their actions say just the opposite!  I heard someone say the other day, that earth would be a pretty cool place to live if it weren’t for all the people – there are days that I would agree! 

I have been sitting here for a good part of the morning trying to figure out how Jesus did not just throw up His hands and say “FORGET YOU!”  And while I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself, I know in my heart that I cannot stay this way.  I love God – it’s not just words – I really do love God and because I love God – I love people, even when they disappoint, frustrate and irritate me!

My morning has not started out the best, but that is okay, because it has helped me to focus my heart and life in the right direction and as I continue to travel in that direction – God will heal and grow me into what he wants me to be!  I thank God for loving me, especially when I am unlovable and as His love flows to and through me, I will share that love with others, even when they are unlovable!  To God be the glory in all things!

A Little Bit Of My Heart!

I so want to see people let God get a hold of their heart and bless their life!  The greatest desire of my life is that people would really get to know and be known by God!  Day after day and year after year, I put my heart out there, not because it is the fun thing to do, (sometimes it is and sometimes it ain’t!)  but because I believe that it might encourage others to live a life that GIVES GOD GLORY!

The things that I teach, the warnings I share, the council I provide and the agenda I pursue flow out of God’s Word and Spirit!  For most of my life, I have lived this life – a life of trying to teach, encourage and grow others!  I am more excited today, than I have ever been about God and His work and His plan!  But I am unsure and a bit frustrated at how it will all be accomplished!  (It will be accomplished – but will we have a part?)

We are God’s people!  He created us and sustains us!  He allows us to be challenged and He fills our life with blessing!  He deserves better than what we give Him!  It is about so much more than going to church!  It is about so much more than the motions that most are going through!  I am looking for men, women, boys and girls that want to really do something for the God that has done everything for them!

God has given me a gift!  God has placed a WORD in my Spirit and a FIRE in my bones!  I love Him and will continue to serve Him with all that I’ve got!  Talk is cheap and I have heard more than enough talk in my life as a pastor!  What I am looking for and what God is desiring is ACTION!  And not just any action will do – it has to be God-Ordained and God-Blessed Action!  What God wants from you and me is our WALK, not our TALK!

Come on and really think about it!  WHAT REALLY MATTERS?  Answer that question honestly and it has to change your life!