Tough Lessons!

Feeling Better!

This has been a tough week!  I have not felt very good physically and for me that is a very rare thing.  I am a fairly healthy person and if I get sick, I can usually fight it off quickly.  This week was different!  Something started in on me and then decided to play “peek-a-boo” over the next several days.  I felt “bad” and then “normal” on a repeated basis.  Just when I would begin to think that I was getting on top of it – BAM!  It would hit again.

In some ways I am tough and ready to take it on and in some ways I am a wimp and just want to face what I’ve got to face and move on!  I consider myself a productive person.  My days are filled with activity that at the end of the day almost always produce tangible results.  Feeling the way that I have been feeling, makes hard charging the way I do, almost impossible.

Yesterday, I started out with my usual morning charge, only to discover by about 9:45 AM that I was out of steam!  I wanted to make myself charge on through it, with the hopes that I would feel better on the other side, but I had tried that for three days with little success.  I decided yesterday, that I would step outside of my schedule and give the Great Physician some time to do His thing.

He has started!  I am not completely there yet, but I am on my way.  I am thankful for the physical healing and a little bit surprised by the spiritual, emotional and mental healing that I was not expecting and did not realize that I was in need of!

Let me remind you of the obvious!  God loves you!  He loves you, not because of what you do or who you are!  He loves you, because that’s what God does and that is Who God is!  Step outside of the business, allow yourself be loved today and enjoy it – you’ll be glad you did!