Are You Healthy?


Live Healthy!

There is a lot of talk these days about health and being healthy.  I have noticed that most of us will go to extremes in one area of our life to be healthy, while allowing the other areas to coast and just get by the best that they can.


For example, we might be healthy physically by exercising regularly, eating right and getting good rest, but we may neglect our spiritual health by just taking for granted because we feel so good physically.  Or we may grow our spiritual health by giving it the attention that it deserves through a devotional time, prayer and service and neglect our physical health by not giving it the time that it needs.

To be truly healthy, we have to be healthy in all the different areas of our lives.  Physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, social and so on.  Look for the following five signs in the different areas of your life and if you find that you are missing something in one of the areas, then you know what you will know what you need to work on.

1.)  Healthy People Demonstrate Vitality! There is just a life in all the different areas of their life.  You don’t have to ask them how they are doing, because you can tell – they are doing great, because they have decided to do great in every area of their life!

2.)  Healthy People Find Motivation In Vision! Healthy people see the potential in all the different areas of their life and they chase after that potential with everything that they’ve got and then some!

3.)  Healthy People Commit Themselves To Ongoing Learning! Healthy people know that there is always something else to learn that will help them to become even more healthy in the different areas of their living and they are always looking for a new and better way!

4.)  Healthy People Know The Power Of Connection Through Relationships! Healthy people would never dream of trying to do life by themselves, because then they would cease to be as healthy as they could be.

5.)  Healthy People Are Empowered And Empowering! They know their source and utilize their strength and help others to do the same!

Are you healthy in all the different areas of your life or do you have some work to do?  Be honest, get to work and enjoy your health!