Netflix & YouVersion!

Pretty Cool!

Netflix is a pretty cool service for that you can have at home.  For around $6 a month you can have access to all kinds of movies and tv shows that will stream to your tv instantly via the internet!  We have it and we have really taken advantage of the convenience of having ready access 24/7!

Netflix is cool, but do you want to know something even better than Netflix?   Have you ever stopped to think that God provided us with 24/7 access to His Word?  Most of us have our own copy and now there are all kinds of tools via the internet that allow you to read, study and even get direction from others concerning God’s Word and how it applies to the living out of our lives.

Even More Cool!

One of my favorite tools is YouVersion!  This is a Bible Reader community that also has an assortment of reading plans that will help you to read daily and be accountable for making sure that you take the time to read what you are supposed to.  I use it everyday, multiple times during the day and the most exciting thing is that everyone can have 24/7 access from their computer, ipad, phone or other portable device for FREE!  Check it out and get the advantages that this tool, utilizing the most important tool of all can bring into your life!

Let me know what you think and remember to G3!