This Is Really Not Negative!



This is going to sound like a negative blog, but hang with me!  I do not mean for it to sound negative and in my heart, I know that I do not mean for it to be negative.  I just believe there is someone out there that the Spirit has this word for today!


People will walk into your life and people will walk out of your life.  People will love you and people will hate you.  People will be there for you and people will turn their back on you.  We have to learn to take the good with the bad – that’s just the reality of life!

We sometimes think that people walking out on us, hating us or turning their backs on us is a bad thing, but I am not sure that it’s such a bad thing.  In my years of living, I have experienced extremes on both sides of the coin.  I have had people to walk into my life and immediately, they made my life better and sweeter.  I have also had some people to walk out of my life and as much as a part of me hates to admit it – it ultimately made my life better and sweeter.

Some people will come and stay and God bless them for it – I would hate to have to think of doing life without them.  Some people will come and go and when they go, they will take a little part of our heart, just be thankful for the time that you had together and for whatever you learned – negative or positive.

Now for the really good news:  God has promised in Hebrews 13:5 that He will never leave us or forsake us.  Everyone else may walk out, but He never will and as long as He is with you – everything is going to be alright!  G3!

P.S.  I really am thankful for the friends that make my life so much better – I don’t even want to think about trying to do life without you!  Thank you for being my friend near and far!  God Bless & Press On!

4 thoughts on “This Is Really Not Negative!”

  1. This did not sound so negative to me. I am so thankful for God’s promises. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mary! I just did not want it to come across negative, because that is not my heart at all! God is good and His promises are amazing! God Bless!

  2. Wow, so I’m probably the one you were speaking to in this, and the funny thing is I’ve been trying to remember to email you all week about how you touched my heart on Sunday! After a long sabatical from my Sunday’s at Northwood, I return and the message seemed as if God & MJ had a conversation and said Cathy is coming to church today – what does she need to hear? The message moved me, I took the action I had needed to do, and I have lost a person in my life that I did care for – but was never right for me. Was there a lesson learned in all of it? Absolutley! Doesn’t mean the pain of loss isn’t real, it just means that I need to lean on God to get through it to realize the true blessings on the other side. I have prayed and read Jeremiah 29:11 all week and shared the message you delivered with a multitude of friends and colleagues, who have also gleemed some hope from your sermon. I know you have been feeling under the weather this week, I hope that tide is turning for you. I wanted you to know how you truly bless those around you and how I’m trying not to “drift” again. God Bless you Michael Joe!

    1. Cathy, Thank you so much for your very kind words. It was good to see you Sunday, sorry that I did not have a chance to say hello! Thank you for listening for His voice – it does make all the difference! I am continuing to pray for you and yours! God Bless & Press On!

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