Drop Everything!

We Really Should!

The most important thing that you can do with your life is get into a relationship with God.  The second most important thing that you can do with your life is help someone else get into a relationship with God.  I can honestly think of nothing more important than having a real and meaningful relationship with God.

Most people would agree with what I just said, but while we say this is the most important thing that we can do with our life, it is often not the thing that we do with our life.  Our relationship with God and helping others to get into that relationship does not even often make the top three in our daily living!  We sarcastically live the saying on the t-shirt!

When the opportunity to get into or grow in a relationship with God presents itself, we should drop everything and pursue the opportunity – if it really is the most important thing.

When the opportunity to share with someone else how they can get into the relationship presents itself, then we should drop everything and do everything we can to help them understand, so that they might pursue the relationship.

Our words say one thing, but our actions prove another!  What if today is the day of His return and we put off the relationship until tomorrow? If we believe what we say we believe, then we need to drop everything and chase after God and help others to do the same.

I sometimes get so caught up in ministry, that I miss the opportunities to do the most important ministry of all.  I am asking God to help me with that!  I want to be in step with Him.  I’ll know I’m there when I drop everything to pursue our relationship and when I am helping others to do the same!

God help me to take the time to be in a real and right relationship with You and let me see the evidence that my relationship is real and right by my dropping everything to help others get into and grow that relationship too!