Mr. Potato Head!

Helping Feed Others!


Grace Place has done a lot of things for me! One of the most amazing things that it has done for me, is teach me.  Grace place has taught me many different lessons and it still continues to do so on an almost daily basis.  One of the things that Grace Place has taught me, is that I have often taken a lot for granted.  One of the things that I take for granted is having something to eat.  I have never been wasteful, my Mom taught me better than that!  And I am always thankful, my family instilled that in me when I was growing up, but I rarely take the time to really think about the blessing of food on the shelf, in the fridge and on the table.

The fact is – I don’t really remember a time when there has not been food of some sort around for me to enjoy and get nourishment from.  My Mom tells me that there was a time when it was just the two of us, when I was very young, but I was to young to remember or she kept it hidden from me, so that it never bothered me.

We have people in our communities that come upon rough times and it is amazing what a box of groceries can mean to them.  Simple things like tuna, green beans, soup, corn, spaghetti and just about anything else that you can imagine – mean more than you can imagine to folks who are having a hard time and who have very little to nothing.

In our world today, there are a lot of people having a hard time.  People that used to not have a hard time, are now finding themselves having a hard time.  It could be you and me, before we know it.

Our church along with other ministries in our community, try to help people who are having a hard time, by helping to provide some staples that will help to get them along.

This month we are collecting cans to help three ministries in our community that help people who are having a challenge in the food area.  All the cans that we are collecting will go to Greer Community, Greer Relief and Grace Place!

To have a little fun with the whole thing, we have decided to try to build Mr. Potato Head.  Someone in New York did it and we thought it might be a fun way to accomplish a very good thing.

I hope you will join us and bring your cans to Northwood as we build Mr. Potato Head to help others and as we learn to appreciate even the simple things of life!  God Bless, Press On And G3!