Sunday Rewind!

Another great Sunday of worship and ministry at Northwood!  I am so thankful that God allows me the opportunity to be a part of such a special family.  God is so good and is up to some amazing things in and through our lives.  Can’t wait to see how He brings it all together for His glory!  Here’s some of the highlights from my day:

-Sweet prayer time with some of my brothers to start the morning off right!

-Love my “Doing Life Together” Small Group – I learn something from our interaction each and every week!

-Worship at both services was sweet and communicated the truth of God’s grace and love from beginning to end!

-God had a great message and reminded us all that sacrifice is not enough, our sacrifice must be followed with obedience to really have impact!

-We were also reminded that we are going to one day stand before Him and give an account and now is the time to get ready for that day!

-Love watching all the preparation that goes into making all that happens at NW happen.  The sweet spirit and willing attitudes of so many people of all ages make the impossible – possible for God’s glory!

-Life Classes were great tonight!  The marriage class was extra special, sorry that some had to miss it.  We learned a lot about forgiveness and the power that God brings into our lives and relationships because of forgiveness.  Remember to follow God’s example and you can’t go wrong!

-Fellowship and food is always special and we seem to always get an extra dose on Sundays.  Thankful for friends that enjoy being family and spending time together.

-The Extra special blessing of today came from one of our new guests to Grace Place.  My new friend Monk promised me Friday night that I would see him at worship today.  When I got to the second service, he was walking in the rain to keep his promise.  He had arranged a ride, but they did not show up and he decided to walk in the cold rain to do what he said he would do.

I wonder how many people stayed home today, because they were too lazy and selfish to get out of a warm bed.  This guy who experienced love and grace on Friday night at Grace Place, felt compelled to keep His promise and come and join his new grace family in worship today!  It made my week!

I really just have one thing left to say:  G3!