The Flow Of Life!

Let It Flow!

Life as created by God is everlasting.  It is more than just a moment in time, it is more than time.  It is more than the acquiring of stuff and the achieving of goals.  It is infinite, limitless, intertwined and allows us to exist for much more than simply self.

When we begin to see life as it really is, then this changes our lives and their living.  This is why we must take on the ego.  The ego must go, because it gets in the way, corrupts and blocks the flow of life and living.

Real life and living is a paradox!  We give and receive, not receive and give.  We put ourselves last and become first, not first to begin with.  We meet the needs of others and our needs are met.

Ego is never satisfied and always hungers for something more than it already has.  It requires its slaves to seek more of everything, anything, just more.  Learning to live from the center of our created purpose, removes us from chaos and takes us to a higher place of living, where we discover fulfillment and live in peace.

Take some time to practice the discipline of generous thinking toward others, with whatever it is that you have to be generous with.  Practice by serving others above and beyond yourself.  Your service does not have to be big, just simple, random acts of kindness that allow you to move out of the ego of self-satisfaction and into the wide open universe of service.

You can strive or arrive, the choice is yours.  Activate the loving energy that created you by reaching out with your positive thoughts and encouraging behaviors.  Focus on the moments and the opportunity they offer you to do something for someone else.  This connects you to life and allows you to experience satisfaction that lives above and beyond the circumstances.

Open the eyes of your heart.  Be still and see how life comes to you.  You will soon learn that you are life.  Breath!  The air is a gift of life.  Drink!  This water is a gift of life.  Eat!  This food is a gift of life.  Feel!  The warmth from the sun or the coolness of the breeze is a gift of life provided by the Creator for His creation.

Stay appreciative and learn to enjoy the moment, because the moment is life.  Stop the chase and quit wearing yourself out, because life is more that what we make it.  Take the time to witness and enjoy all that comes, goes and flows to, through and around you.  When we learn to live with open hands, our Creator is able to put good things in them for us to use for His glory and other’s blessing!