Changing You!

Look At Self!

Everyday on the way to school, I try to share a thought that will challenge and hopefully encourage my daughter Gracie to grow into the something special that I know she was created for.  This morning I shared this thought with her:

“Never underestimate your power to change yourself and never overestimate your power to change someone else.”

I have noticed in my own life that I have spent a lot of my energy in trying to change other people.  The purpose of trying to change them was with the goal of trying to get them to come around to my way of thinking.  I have also noticed that most of this time was wasted, because I did not succeed in helping to change much of anything.

We have to learn that trying to change someone else is a waste of energy, but trying to change and grow ourselves is certainly an investment worth making.  The reason that we are not all that successful in changing and growing our own lives, is because our energy is often divided between trying to change ourself and others at the same time.

Instead of wasting energy in trying to change others, we need to put all of our energy and effort into changing and growing ourselves, so that we might be all that our Creator created us to be.

The beautiful thing about this way of thinking, understanding and focusing our energy is that it helps us to get to a better place of living and better situates us to help others to a better place of living.

It may seem like a very small shift in thinking, but it is a shift that can have a huge impact, if we will get it.  Take some time to think about your life and the changes that you need to make.  Stop worrying and wasting energy on everyone and everything else.

Focus on you and on fulfilling the purpose and calling of your life.  You will be amazed at how much more enjoyable life can be, when you stop wasting time and start investing time.