Sunday Rewind!

Today was one of those special days where it all just comes together and God reassures you that you are on the path that He marked for you.

Started out the morning with a short meditation time, sweet devotional and energizing prayer.  It was better than good!

Enjoyed Bible Study in Colossians 3.  It seems like we have been in these verses for quiet a while, but the Spirit continues to teach us some really good stuff.

Worship was nice – back up on the new stage and everything looked really great.  David & Tonja did a great job with the refirb.  And the praise team was alive with praise.

Message came from Matthew 3:13-17 and I felt the most freedom I’ve felt in a long time.  Felt like a new and better old me!  😉  Three main points of the message:  1.) There will always be distractions – deal with them God’s way.  2.) Our goal should always be the righteous requirements of God.  3.) The Spirit provides the confirmation we need.

It’s important to remember that we fulfill a big part of our created purpose when We bring God joy and we bring God joy by living in obedient submission.

This afternoon and evening, God reminded me that Jesus loves everybody – especially those that others would classify as unloveable.  I sure do have some growing and improving to do.

Fellowship tonight was sweet and I really felt that I got to grow a little in some of my relationships.  Was extra blessed to have Tom Capps our Director of Missions stop by for some fellowship and Keith Mincey from Easley to share in a little family time.

As usual, it’s sometimes hard to believe that God let’s me be a part of His amazing work, but I sure am glad He does!  Hope you have a blessed and growing week!