Created To Create!

Creation Creating!

You are a Divine creation, born of Spirit, before you are born of flesh.  You were created to create.  Your calling is inside of you, it makes you alive, excited and causes you to experience fulfillment and purpose.

You are unique and have been blessed with a unique gift to apply to the human life that you are getting to experience right here and now.  In order to live in the power of creation that creates, it is important that we learn to trust our inner calling, while growing our ability to ignore criticism.

We each have natural talents that have become blocked by the judgments of others.  We need to learn and accept that true perfection is not about being perfect, but it is about being you, yourself, just as you were created to be.  When we get this, we will shake of the enslaving chains of fear and doubt.  We will learn to harmonize with creation and the power that flows to and through it.

Little babies do not have to do anything, but be little babies.  Life simply and beautifully unfolds without any interference or assistance from the baby.  Be who you were created to be, a co-creator with God of miraculous movements that allow the life of life to flow and grow.  Create as creation creates in you and don’t simply exist, but thrive in the alive place of genesis.