Status Sermons!

What Does It Say To Me?

One of the things that I have noticed that we do quiet frequently is quote scripture that is often intended for others.  We especially like to do this on the social media networks.  And when I say we, I am certainly including me, myself and I!  There have been many occasions when I will come across or read a scripture and then click to share it with someone else in mind.

There are a few different problems with this “post it preaching” that a lot of us seem to do.  These problems can actually corrupt the plans of God by getting in the way of His blessing.  Here are just a few of the problems that we need to consider before hitting the share button.

Problem #1 – If we are not careful, we move into a place of being judgmental.  We make our judgments okay, by convincing ourself that the person we are thinking of is guilty and this scripture proves it.  Guilt is not something for us to pronounce – this is God’s call and He is more than capable of doing what He needs to do without any help from you and me.  It’s real easy to forget how amazing God’s grace is in our lives, when we get too focused on the lives of others.

Problem #2 – If we are not careful, we miss what the Scripture is saying to us.  There have been times when I have quoted a verse of Scripture and later when I was reading the Scripture that came before and after, I was convicted to the core, not by the verse that I had quoted, but by the verses right before or after.  We were taught in seminary, that if you want to understand the text, then you must get the context.  The context comes from all the Scripture, not just a part of it.  I am guilty of a great many things and Scripture will help me to understand this truth and appropriate God’s grace, if I am paying attention for me.

Problem #3 – If we are not careful, we move into a place of sin and hurt the cause of Christ.  When I focus on others, then I don’t have to focus on myself.  When I fail to focus on myself, then I don’t have to deal with the stuff that is getting between me and God.  When I don’t deal with the stuff that is between me and God, by being honest about it and seeking forgiveness and restoration, then I travel farther away from God and His ways.  This hurts not only me, but also the cause of Christ, which I like to think that I am serving.

The next time you read a scripture, take some time to read all of it.  Look for what the Spirit might be trying to show you.  Listen for how the Spirit might be bringing conviction to set you free.  Once you have what you need from the passage, then if you feel the Spirit is sharing something for you to share with someone else, then think and pray about sharing it directly and privately.

Every now and then, you will read a Scripture and it will speak to you in such a profound and meaningful way, that you want to share it.  Well go ahead and share it.  Every morning I read the Scriptures and spend some time in meditation.  Most mornings there is at least one Scripture that really seems to speak to me.  I usually post that Scripture just because I want to share.

Sometimes the scripture I share will speak to others and they will respond and at other times all I get is crickets.  I don’t share for the response.  The sharing is my response to what God has spoken to me through this verse and I am going to try to do something with what He has shown me.

And if you were wondering if this blog was directed at you then check your page for a direct link.  If I did not post a direct link on your personal page or inbox, then I was not thinking of you – sorry!  🙂