How To Be Happy!

Trust And Obey

It is interesting to think about how hard so many of us work to obtain happiness, yet it would seem that the harder we work that the more illusive it becomes.  Happiness is not a place that we travel to, it is a gift that comes to us.

We like to think we can work or earn our way, but we cannot because it is not a destination.  It is a gift of fulfilled contentment that comes and provides for us.  Happiness does not come from what you do or what you get, it comes from how you live.  It comes from our learning to live lives of gratitude.  Learn to live a life of gratitude and happiness will flow into and through your life.

God has a plan and He is unfolding that plan into each of our lives.  We can accept or fight against this plan.  Think about this:  For the first nine months of your life .  God took care of you and everything you needed.  He did not require any help or assistance from you.  You did not know what you needed or wanted, but He did and provided for all your needs, so that you would be happy and fulfilled.

We must learn to let go of our desires.  We cheat ourselves by hanging onto personal desires by “desiring” below what God has or wants for us.  He sees things that we cannot see and understands things that we cannot understand.  He not only knows what is best for us, He wants what is best for us.

Turn it all over to our Creator and acknowledge that He is more than just our Creator.  Practice doing nothing, not to be lazy, but to stop activity for activity sake.  Watch and listen for His guidance as you allow His vision, strength and perfection to work on and through you.

Seek to live in submissive obedience to God and the plans that He has for your life and life will take on a whole new meaning and you will live in a place called blessed!