Living An Impartial And Unbiased Life!

Live A Balanced Life!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about man-made things.  Things like fairness, partiality and discrimination.  God is not fair.  If He was, then we would all be in trouble. God does not show partiality, because if He did, then we would classify His own creation.  God does not discriminate.  He is simply our Creator, Source and Provider.  If unlimited God is none of these things, then they must be creations of our limited humanity.

Our Creator does not show preference to some, while depriving others.  He is all and He gives all to all.  When we learn to live in harmony by bringing our inside and outside lives together, then we begin to realize who we truly are.  We are so much more than our physical experience.  We are spiritual seeking to live in harmony with our created purpose.

Everything is sacred, because it is made by our sacred Creator.  We do not have or experience the sacred power, because we to often try to make for ourselves what God offers to flow into and thorough us freely.  God is unlimited and has everything we need and so much more.

Use what He gives you and there is more waiting to fill you back up.  The key is learning to use what He gives us!  If you try to keep, save or horde this power, it becomes nothing.  The power of God grows in effectiveness as we allow it to flow into and through our lives.

Our goal is to learn to live in harmony with Him.  In all of our thoughts and our behaviors, we need to stay connected, submitted and surrendered to God as our source.    I am not more important than anybody and no one is more important than me.  When we begin to exclude others from really mattering in this life, we exclude ourselves from the power of God.  True faith does not exclude, it includes!

Exclusion eliminates spiritual power from the flow of our lives.  That which divides us, is not of God, while that which brings us together in unity is of God.  When we learn to stay centered on what unites, rather than what divides, then our thoughts stay in connected harmony with the spirit and power flows uninhibited.

Here are three steps to help us to learn how to live an impartial and unbiased life:

1.) Treasure And Be Treasure!  You are a treasure and have much to offer to others.  Start now to get rid of the spirit of judgment that contaminates the flow of God’s healing and growing Spirit.  When you look at others, look for yourself.  What do you see in them that you see looking back at you from the mirror?  We have something in common with everyone, because we were all created by the same Creator.

2.) Get rid of labels!  You don’t like it when someone labels you and others don’t like it when you label them.  We are so much more than what any label could tag on us anyway.  Labels limit and we were created as unlimited.

3.) Be generous!  We are a part of the whole.  I cannot without you and you cannot without me and we cannot without them and they cannot without us.  Share, give, receive and allow life to flow freely, unconditionally, without prejudice or judgment.  This is a life of peace, joy and fulfillment.

Pay attention to the interactions of your life today and ask the Spirit to guide and direct you to see, hear, feel, experience and share in submission to the leadership that the Spirit provides.