Infinite Perspective!

Unlimited Supply!

Creation is an amazing thing and the reality that we are created in the image of our creator means that we have opportunity to be creative ourselves, which is really amazing.  We are so much more than just our limited physical bodies.  We are infinite spiritual beings.  The life of our existence flows in, through and all around us.

We need to re-think how we think about things, especially our life, living and eternity.  When we cultivate the awareness of the infinite aspect of who and what we are created to be, then we are able to tap into a limitless source of creativity that produces energy to live powerfully and productively.

Learning to think from an eternal/spiritual perspective opens up opportunities that we could not and would not see by choosing to exist in a limited/physical perspective.  Limited thoughts are produced by the flesh, not by the spirit.

Living in the free flow of the spirit empowers the opening of doors and opportunities.  This does not mean that we will never have problems, but it does mean that we will have solutions to our problems that will enable problems to serve as stepping-stones to something better.

God is everything and has everything, therefore there is no limits with God.  God is the infinite source and supply, He can never run out!  This is why we need to affirm through our thoughts that He is all we need and more.  The right thoughts are instructions to every other part of our being that help to align our lives with the eternal perspective.

You decide with your thinking what you will empower.  This is why it is so important that we guard our thoughts and keep our focus on God and the things of God.  Thoughts produce feelings and feelings become actions, and this is why the right thoughts are so important.

Look around you.  Really look and observe life, not from the limited view of the physical, but from the vantage point of an infinite perspective, because you are not limited, but unlimited as the special spiritual creation of God.  Our goal should be to think as God thinks.  God thinks in terms of eternity, not time.  Rearrange your thinking so that you begin to think, see and understand things, so that your thinking comes into alignment with the One who created you.  Begin to see and understand things from the eternal perspective and you will be amazed at how the rough places become smooth.

Practice silence!  We live in a world that if filled with all types of noise.  It is hard in this world to find silence.  It is even harder to keep silence.  Look for, embrace and protect silence, because from the silence you can give birth to stillness and in stillness you can experience the supernatural.

Remember:  We are nothing, we are everything and our life exist somewhere in the middle!