Plus Or Minus?

Your Choice!

Have you noticed how negative and pessimistic the world that we live in is?  You can’t go through a typical day without someone or something spouting out some kind of information that beats you down, rather than picks you up!

The main problem is that most every one of us, if we are not careful become selfish!  When you become the center of your universe, you take the place that rightfully belongs to God and rob people of joy and God of glory!

The Bible says in Hebrews 3:13 – “We should encourage one another daily!”  It’s easy to point out everyone else’s failures and flaws, but God did not save us, so that we could beat down, but so that we could build up for His glory!

Christians should speak uplifting words of faith, belief and victory!  We often think nice thoughts, but fail to verbalize them!  We have to do more than think it – we need to speak it!  Zig Ziglar says that when you help enough other people to reach their goals, that you automatically begin to reach your own!

This is a supernatural principle at work, that can only be explained by God said it!  I did it!  He worked the miracles and I received the blessing!  Get rid of the negative stuff of this world, grab hold of the positive stuff of Heaven and share it with everyone you can for God’s glory!