What Is Your Greatest Fear And Greatest Dream?

Where Will It Take You?

Two questions:  What is your biggest fear and what is your biggest dream?  Stop, take a moment and really think about it!  If you can answer these two questions, then you can get set up to make some major progress in your life and the fulfillment of the purpose that fulfills you!

What is it that you fear and what is the fear doing to you or what is that fear keeping you from doing?  We often have fears, but never take the time to consider the cost of having the fear.  If we would consider the cost, then we might decide to get rid of it, because it is just way to expensive!

Once you have figured out your fear or fears, take some time to talk with your Creator.  He knows you, what you are facing and will not be surprised by anything you tell Him.  Just talking about it and taking the time to share it, will help you to get a better grasp, understanding and direction.  Next listen for what your Creator will say back to you.  It may come through something you read, something you observe in nature or hear in a conversation, but He will be speaking to guide, grow and help you overcome and gain victory over your fear.

What is your biggest dream and what steps are you taking to see the dream become a reality?  You will need to take some time to think about your dreams.  Everyone has a dream, but most of us have not thought enough about our dreams to be able to articulate and share them with someone else, so while we know our dreams, we are not really sure about how they will or can happen!  Take some time to actually write down your dreams.  Write everything down, the small and the big and then take some time to share these dreams with your Creator.  Figure out what dreams He put in your heart and then with His help and guidance – start to chase after those dreams.  (And by the way – enjoy the chase!)

Two pretty simple questions with the potential to make a powerful impact upon your life, so that your life can make a powerful impact upon others.  What is your greatest fear and your greatest dream?  What are you going to do about it?