The Lion Will Lay Down With The Lamb!

I am a Pastor, because that is what God called me to be!  I am not a Pastor, because I woke up one day and thought:  “Out of all the things I can be in this world, I think I want to be a Pastor!”  I am a Pastor, because one day when I was getting ready to become a teenager, I felt God’s leading in my life as I read and studied His Word, and I knew that God had called me, since before I was even born to serve His Church by loving His people, preaching and teaching His Word and giving my all to help His spiritual body to give Him glory.

I fought it for a while and through the years, I have thought more than a few times about getting out of it.  But being a Pastor is what I was created for.  I care about people and I want everyone to tap into and discover the power of their spiritual lives.  I don’t do this because I need a job, the truth is there are much easier jobs that I could do with my eyes closed.  I don’t do this because I am on an ego trip and need to be in charge of something, I can be in charge of a lot of different things, if I make the choice to be.  I do this simply because it is what God has called me to do and my greatest fulfillment comes from doing what God created, called and gifted me to do.

If you are fortunate enough to have a Pastor that is called, stop today and every day and take time to pray for Him.  Being a Pastor in this world today is one of the hardest things that a person could ever have to do.  While there are a handful of people who do it for all of the wrong reasons, there are just as many more that do it, because this is what they were called to do and we are just trying to be faithful.

Not really sure why I shared all of this, but had it on my heart and in my head and needed to get it out.  I hope it might provide a little insight that will help us all to serve our King and His Kingdom with a little more zest!  God Bless and Keep It Real!