Precious Memories!

Old Barn At Pa's!

Yesterday afternoon, I finally found a few moments and was able to ride down to spend a little time at my Grandparents old home place.  I have been working on it for a few months trying to get it livable and actually was able to spend the night last night.  As I was working in the house and walking around outside, it occurred to me that there is not a room, space or place where there is not a memory that is precious to me.

In the kitchen is a little bar where my Pa and I would sit after Sunday lunch and talk about life while we shared a Pepsi Cola.  I remember he would always smoke one cigarette and I would eat a spoon full of peanut butter!

I remember sitting on the front porch on most evenings, shelling peas, butter beans or cutting okra, while listening to the Atlanta Braves on the radio and watching the cars pass by.

When I walk through the fields, I think of what we used to plant.  I remember pulling turnips and my Pa cutting the baby ones and eating them raw!  I remember the corn – growing tall on one end and short on the other, because it did not get as much sun.  I remember my first lesson on growing tomatoes.

My mind has been flooded over the past 24 hours with very special memories.  Memories are a very special gift and should be appreciated.  I think one of the best ways to appreciate a memory is by spending a little time with it.  My most special memories are of moments that were shared with someone else.

I was thinking – right now, this very moment is a potential memory.  I get to decide if it is going to be something special or not.  God blesses us with time and with the time gives us the ability to create memories.  Memories are gifts that will keep giving as long as we have them, so take some time today to create at least one good memory.  And it would not be to bad of an idea to take some time today to dust off and enjoy an old memory!  If you do it, I bet you will be glad you did!