Sunday Rewind!

Sundays are always crazy busy and Sundays are always good!  This Sunday was crazy good!  God showed up and communicated His presence in a very real and powerful way all throughout the day!

-Great Breakfast provided for everyone by the “Doing Life Together Class opened the door for some great fellowship to be shared between people in different classesand got the morning off to a good start!

-We Began our time of worship by celebrating the new spiritual lives of three that were baptized.  It was great seeing a young adult man who is excited about what he can do and be for God!  It was a blessing to see a young adult Mom set the example for her children and watching a fellow minister get to baptize his Grandson was priceless!

-Our Worship was a little different and very sweet.  It really made me thankful for all of the different talents and skills that God has given to so many to use for His glory through the worship ministry of Northwood!

-The message was plain and simple truth with potential of powerful impact, if we allow ourselves to get it and do what needs to be done about it!

-Seeing two more accept Christ and want to follow God in baptism was an exciting ending to a moving time of worship in our first service!

-The Sprit was really free and moving in our second service and we had a number of new, excited and eager faces.  Faces that have become very familiar through the ministry of Grace Place.  At the end of the service almost everyone was down front on their knees before God and two more Christ followers decided to follow Christ through baptism with a desire to join and serve God through His Church.  Two more, a husband and wife, expecting a baby also came forward acknowledging that they had accepted Jesus as their Savior and wanting to be baptized and join the church right after the baby is born.

-I Forgot to mention that there were also two young men that came through Grace Place this past week that prayed and invited Jesus into their heart and life as well!  That’s a total of 8 new spiritual relationships, plus the three that were baptized today = which equals 11 new souls stepping out of darkness and death into light and life!

-Tonight was great – super LIFE Classes all the way around and if you wonder why the Devil is attacking this week, it is because we are doing something right!  I am tired and ready for bed, but I am not sure I will be able to sleep.  Hard to shut down my mind, when my heart is going 500 miles an hour!

Thanks for being a part of God’s vision and for sharing in the miracles of His awesome plans.  May our lives lived for His glory continue to bless and make a difference!