She Gets It – Do You?

Some Call It Free, We Call It Grace!

This was a post that was left by a student who started coming to Grace Place with her older sister and then started volunteering!  They have not been able to come for the last month, because the sister was getting ready to have her baby!  For those of you that are not on the GP wall on Facebook, I thought you might enjoy reading her thoughts and feelings about God, Grace Place and Ministry:

From Sierra “sorry we havent been there we ave a new bundle of joy to the family (Sierra’s sister who brought her to GP just had a baby!)  i hope when she gets a little bit older we can come and start helping again i miss yall and wont to come help shares gods word again i knew god wonted me to go with my sis that day grace lace it was because he wonted me to share his word with others and it has changed my life in a good way i wont to help more and i understand more about how god works and understand it is better to give then to recieve u see all the people coming in with nothing and u know them and it makes u feel bad it makes u think about what u have and others dont i am so glad god gave me yall to look for as a rodel model thanks again ily as my own sisters and brothers but in gods eyes we are and i look like him we all are thank god for everything ily god bless american and us were his master pices and if u look at it this way it makes u think of life diffrent thanks yall:)))))))))))))))))))))”

All I can say is:  I think she kinda gets it and I hope others will get it too!