Overwhelmed – Not For Long!

There is so much that I have to do!  Sometimes I look at my plate of responsibilities and just want to run away!  I always thought that as I got older that life would get easier, but the challenges keep coming.  The responsibilities plus the challenges sometimes get more overwhelming than I can handle!

The good news is:  I don’t have to handle anything!  When it gets to be more than I can handle, the Spirit in me always takes me to a special place of reminder, where I am reminded that I am not walking through this world alone, even though it sometimes feels like it!

I have God!  God loves me and He created me for the very specific purpose of living a life that brings Him glory.  I am at my best, when I am doing just that!  He wants to walk with me through this life and He wants to talk with me.  I am never alone and I don’t have to face anything by myself or in my own strength or power!

I have Family & Friends!  There are people around me, who really care about me and want what is best for me.  They support me in the things that I do and they believe in me and the calling that God has placed upon my life.  I could not and I don’t want to try to do life without them!

Many Hands And Hearts Make Heavy Work Light!

I have Help That I Don’t Even Know Of!  God and my friends have help that flows through others!  The purpose of our lives is to give God glory and the best way to give God glory is by doing life together!

When it gets to be more than you can handle – remember what you’ve got and that you are never alone, unless you make the choice to be!


2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed – Not For Long!”

  1. : ) Wonderful point of veiw. Some would go a life time without the ability to see that. Some would think they didn’t have enough and want more. Your congregation loves you back.

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