Down, But Not Out!

Don't Focus On The Size Of Your Problem! Focus On The Size Of Your God!

As weeks go, this has been one big roller coaster ride with ups and downs.  Last weekend was rough, with the devil giving me a pretty good beating.  He knows where it hurts and does not hesitate to hit there.  I thought we might be coming up to the last round, because he just kept pounding relentlessly all week-long!  Several of you that know me, noticed that I was not myself – the spiritual warfare and fight against getting stuck in a rut of depression is the main reason and I found myself leaning on the ropes a few times!

It’s not that there were not a lot of good things that happened this past week.  There were plenty of good things.  Worship was great and I was super blessed to add a good friend to the membership of our church on Sunday.

VBS began and I think we have some of the most amazing ministry volunteers that I have ever seen – they really worked hard to make sure that everything was just perfect for the sharing of the Gospel in a fun, creative and inspirational environment.

God continues to amaze me as He unfolds the mission ministry of Northwood called Gace Place out into our community.  And the faithfulness of the every week and sometimes daily volunteers does more for my spirit than words can say.  We were also extra blessed to have a mission team of 29 teenagers and youth leaders from churches in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virgina to help us with a major organization project that is going to be a huge blessing to our volunteers and shoppers!

I also personally witnessed other random acts of ministry being performed by the Northwood family – several of our men making sure the grass gets cut and looks good for Sunday.  Men and ladies working to make sure that the building is picked up, cleaned and comfortable.  All ages doing little things that make a big difference in other people’s lives.

Right now, I am sitting in my back yard, listening to the crickets.  I have just watched as the sun went down and the night-time begins to fall around me and as rough as parts of this week have been, I can’t help but to focus on how great this week has been.  You will notice, I did not mention any of the negative things that the devil used to punch on me with, because those things don’t really matter.

Even when the devil is attacking, especially when the devil is attacking, you can count on the fact that God is present, working and performing miracles that will use the attacks of the devil to grow us for God’s glory and man’s blessing!

Well, I guess I better go inside, my girls are calling – they say my Father’s Day present is ready.  It must be something good, if I am getting it a day early – see it just gets sweeter and sweeter and one day it’s going to turn to sugar!

I hope I get to see or hear from you during this next week and I pray that something I do or say will motivate and encourage you into a closer walk with the One Who loves you more than you could dream or imagine!  God Bless & Press On!  MJH ><>