Sunday Rewind!

Get Out Of The Boat!

I am very blessed that I get to do what I do every week.  I work hard and give everything I’ve got and then some to the ministry that God has called me to lead!  There are times that it gets to be more than I can handle and there are times that a part of me wants to give up, but giving up and giving in has never really been an option for me, because I know in my heart of hearts that God has called me and as hard as it may get in the ministry, it would get even harder being out of it, because I would be out of the perfect will of my Creator and Sustainer!

We have had a great and amazing day at Northwood!

-Breakfast was top-notch, we had a really good crowd and I think everyone enjoyed the Bacon, Biscuits, Sausage Gravy and Fired Eggs.  We ran out of just about everything!  Thanks so much for all of you that help to cook, clean and make it possible.  The fellowship that is being shared between all ages is a blessing to our God!

-Worship was sweet!  The music was right on topic for what God is teaching us.  And Jerri “Sweet Thang” Keller did an excellent job bringing glory to our God as she shared how CANCER helped her to trade in a good life for an amazing life!  God taught us some simple principles that will help us to claim the amazing life that He has for each of us, if we will just get out of the boat and put them into practice.

-Vacation Bible School has always been a very special ministry event for Northwood.  We have many people who work very hard each and every year to provide an exciting environment for our kids to play, learn and grow in!  We have volunteers that will work all day and then come in at night to give it everything they’ve got to share the love, grace and promise of the Gospel.  I am so thankful for the people who make Northwood such a special family.  I pray that we will continue to grow in the UNITY that Jesus prayed that we would share!

We have a very busy week in front of us!  I’m praying for you and I appreciate your prayers for me!  Hope you get out of the boat and experience a “WALK ON WATER!” miracle moment this week!  G3!