wOrKiNg ToGeThEr!

We Can!

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when people are willing to work together!  Almost everyday of my life, I have the blessing of watching lives impacted and made better because a small group of people are willing to work together.  I am sad to say that I also on an almost weekly basis see lives that miss getting impacted and made better, because of people not working together.  I can’t help but to believe that the one makes God smile and the other causes Him to frown!

I want my life to bring a smile to the face of God, so I am in a fresh and new way dedicating myself to doing everything that I can to work with others in bringing glory to God and blessing to others!  God has been so good to me and I want to do and be good back!  I would love to join you and have you join me, so if your are really interested in doing something to bring a smile to the face of God, let me know what you are up to and how I can help and know that you are welcome any time to join me in the things that God has me doing!

Now before we go, let’s think about the top three things that get in the way of our working together for God’s glory:  1.)  It’s Not My Idea!  If it’s not our idea, then we sometimes have a hard time getting involved and helping others.  2.)  It’s Not The Way I Would Do It!  If you are not going to do it my way, then I’m just not going to participate!  3.)  It’s Not Something I Want To Do!  If we don’t want to do it, then most of the time we won’t do it!

You will notice in each of these excuses the “I/My/Me” attitude!  This attitude will get in the way of working together every time!  The old saying is true:  “There is no “I” in “Team”!

Today, I have been blessed to see 29 teenagers from other churches come into Grace Place and work together as a team with our Grace Place team to help us take some major steps in getting our storage area better organized.  It may seem like a very insignificant thing, but it will be a huge thing when we get ready to switch the GP Store from summer to winter!  We are getting things accomplished together that we just could not do even with the very faithful, dedicated and hardworking crew of ministry volunteers that give all they’ve got and then some.

The really beautiful thing is seeing the “Us/Our/We” attitude instead of the “I/My/Me” attitude!  Glad that God let’s us be a part of His team!

God Bless, Press On And Keep It Real!


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  1. WOW! That is so cool about the teenagers coming in to work at Grace Place. What a blessing. I am so impressed.

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