Be Yourself!

Simple Man!

I was raised on fried chicken, cornbread, biscuits, green beans, squash, turnip greens, cabbage, corn on the cob and banana pudding!  I like my tea sweet and it ain’t sweet tea if it doesn’t have ice and lots of it!  I spent part of my time growing up on the “Mill Hill” in Williamston and the other part out roaming the countryside of a community called Cheddar!  My friends were a mixture of kids my age and a bunch of senior adults who I loved to make laugh!

I like dogs, horses, chickens, cows, pigs and goats.  I still love growing tomatoes just like my Grandpa showed me!  My second home is my truck and believe that a home is not a house but the family and friends that come and go from it!  My favorite clothes are jeans, t-shirt and a good pair of boots.  I’m not crazy, but I’ve been accused of it!


I know how to have a good time and almost always do!  I love get togethers in the back yard and think it’s hard to beat a homemade churn of ice cream or an ice-cold watermelon!  This is just a little bit of who I am, but I had it on my mind and thought you might enjoy a piece of my mind!  I don’t have much to spare, but my Momma taught me to share – so enjoy!