Facing Challenges!

Face Your Challenge And Claim Your Prize!

When the moment of challenge and the decision to face the challenge intersect, there is an initiation of release that allows life to take you to a place that you have never been before!  Live life long enough and you will find that you are almost continually facing challenges.  They come in all shapes and sizes and from all directions.  There will be times that you are up to the challenge and there will be other times that you are not, but don’t lose hope, where there is even the smallest amount of will, there is a way.  A way to face, overcome and grow from the challenges of life!

In facing challenges, one key thought to remember is:  You seem to gravitate toward what you focus on!  If you focus on defeat, it will surely pull you in its direction.  If you focus on success, then you can plan on heading in that direction.  You determine your focus!  Do not relinquish that most important decision to anyone or anything else!

Another helpful thing to remember when facing a challenge is this:  The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity for growth, benefit and blessing!  Some challenges are small and do not require much from you, but they will still reward you!  Some challenges are big and they will require all you’ve got and then some.  Just remember it is the facing and overcoming of the big challenges that payout big dividends!

The next time you find yourself facing a challenge, remember this:  For every problem there is a solution!  Write down your challenge or problem, so you can see it and begin to think about it clearly!  Now as you think about your problem, write down possible solutions – anything and everything that comes to mind, even if it seems silly.  Now make a plan, look for family and friends who can and will help you and plow ahead!  Execute the plan!

Challenges create opportunities, but to take advantage of the opportunities, you have to face the challenge!  You can do this!  It’s what you were created for!  Go for it!  And remember:  You are never alone!


Making Life Better!

Making Life Better!

A Little Different!  I really do enjoy blogging.  It is kinda therapeutic, in that it allows me to think through my life as I live it.  I hope that you have enjoyed the things that I write about.  I always try to share things that will motivate and encourage you to live your best life.  I believe that God created each of us as something really special and I belive that He has amazing plans for each of our lives.

One of the major goals that I have in life is to try to help to make other people’s lives better.  I believe that God has called, gifted and equipped me for this purpose.  The reason I do all of the things that I do is because I have learned that real fulfillment comes when my life brings glory to God and my life brings glory to God when I am doing what He created me for!

I have been at it for a long time, but feel that I am just now beginning to get the hang of it!  I have never really been comfortable in the role that I have been cast.  I often feel totally inadequate to say and do the things that God leads me to say and do!  But obedience is more important than feeling, so I plow forward with the hope that I am pleasing to Him and a blessing to others.

I have been very fortunate to be blessed with a lot of ideas, strategies and wisdom that can help to make life and it’s living much more meaningful.  My goal for this blog over the next several months is to try to provide you with tools that will assist you in reaching the goals that God has for your life!

I hope you will come back and join me everyday.  I will try to post everyday and may actually post several times throughout the day as the Spirit gives me direction!  Thanks so much for reading, sharing and being a part of my life!