Protect Your Relationships!

Work It Or It Will Work You!

I heard about another relationship coming to an end today!  Two people who had a friendship that grew into a relationship that eventually grew into a marriage, which produced a family that is now being broken a part, divvied up and passed on to the highest bidder.  This makes me sad, because I know and love the people involved and I know that they are good, decent and caring people who just got knocked off the tracks, probably without even realizing that it was happening!

One of the saddest experiences that I have had and that I have had to observe is the demise of relationships!  Almost every relationship at some time or another had hope, promise and meaning.  If you think back over your life, you will remember relationships that at one time were vibrant, meaningful and fulfilling.  Some of those relationships that you think of and remember are still sharing blessing in your life today, but some of those relationships are only memories and not always the fondest ones.

Why is it that something that can be so right one day, can be so wrong the next?  It happens in marriages and friendships, between men and women and in all classes, races and creeds.  I don’t think I have ever went into, started or pursued a relationship with the intention or hope of it ending badly, but I have had more than my fair share that did not work out!

In some situations, we just grow a part!  We grow a part because somewhere along the way, we fail to take time with and for each other!  To make sure that you do not grow a part in the relationships that you are now a part of, make sure that you make your relationships a priority!

Write them down!  Start on the inside of your circle and work your way out!  Begin with your Creator.  We often leave God out of the equation because we tend to take for granted that relationship.  You will find that taking for granted a relationship is one of the major opponents of its demise!

Are you married?  This is or should be your closest and most intimate of relationships and if it is not, then you know that the two of you have work to do!

We Are Family!  Now think about your family, kids, parents, brothers, sisters and anyone else that you are close to or want to be close to.  Just thinking about this list will reveal in your heart and mind, some of the work that you need to do.

It All Counts!  Next think about your friends, co-workers and neighbors!  Write them down even if the relationship is small, weak and seemingly insignificant.

Anyone Else?  Is there anyone else that you can think of that should be added to your relationship list?

PRIORITIZE!  Now that you have your list, take a moment to prioritize in order of importance!  The way that we asked the above questions should help with that!  As you look at and think through the priority order, you will most likely notice, if you are honest with yourself that you have some in the wrong place and there are some adjustments that only you can make.  Putting relationships in the right order and then making them a priority is a major step in growing relationships that produce wins for everybody.

Think About It!  Now with your revised list, take a few moments to think about why these relationships are important to you.  Think about how your life is better because of these relationship, especially when they are working the way they are supposed to.

Life Is Better Together!

Take Action!  With pen in hand, take a few moments to think about and write down some action that you can take this week to make each of these relationships better, stronger and more fulfilling for all that are involved.

It’s Gotta Start With Somebody!  You know now what you need to do, so go for it – you will be glad you did!