Just Getting By!

To Much To Do!

There are a lot of people living in our world today, that are just living an existence!  And if we are not careful we can become one of these people.  People who do only the minimum to get by and then cannot understand when they wake up one day and find that life has passed them by.

God created us to be a committed people, but commitment is hard work.  There are not many people in our world today that have experienced the feeling of being lifted above their normal and ordinary limitations, but this is exactly the gift that God has for each of us as we learn to say “yes!” to Him.

We need to find this thing that we can commit our lives to.  The thing that deserves our complete and singular focus.  We need to find this one thing that will motivate us to be willing to risk whatever it takes.  This is the thing that will change our lives, by allowing us to change other’s lives.

I must admit that I sometimes get so caught up in myself and the weariness of life, that I don’t even take the time to really think about my commitment – what it is and who it is to.  I like to think that I am committed to a degree, but not really.  Or, perhaps I am committed to too many things at the same time.  Either way, it is really easy for my focus to get messed up and my life always seems to follow suit!

In many of our lives, we associate success with activity!  We live with the belief that the more activity – the more success, so we get busy and stay busy with as much activity as we can cram into our already busy schedules.  But this lie of busyness that we tell ourselves is just not true!

It is important for each of us to remember that we are human!  We cannot do everything.  Our humanity demands that our fatigue level build up to a limited point, to where we can’t go on.  Many of us have been at this point and it is not a fun place to be.

When we reach this point of exhaustion, we are no good to anybody, because we lose our passion and our spirit becomes weary.  We find that our lives erode away in the busyness of life.  We become sloppy, undependable, irritable and cannot help but to think about just quitting it all.

We must protect our passion by guarding our commitments.  We cannot be committed to everything and everybody.  Only one thing matters and He is Jesus!  Now before you leave this article take just a moment to think about that statement:  ONLY ONE THING MATTERS AND HE IS JESUS!  Allow this amazing truth to redirect your focus and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference that it will make in your life!