Time Change!

I am very excited about our services tomorrow at both of our campuses.  I believe that we have an incredible opportunity in front of us to take some giant spiritual steps that will advance us and our church in the work of the Kingdom!

Remember The Time Change! It is time to spring forward!  That means that the hour that we gained at the last time change will have to be given back at this time change.  I don’t like having to give up this hour, but I do love the longer days.  If you go ahead and change your clocks and watches now – you will be an hour ahead for the rest of the day and on time tomorrow!

Praying For Great Things! I believe that God is up to some amazing things in the life and ministry of Northwood.  Please join me in praying that we will be open and willing to follow God’s lead.  Looking forward to God’s awesome work!

SMILE! I am smiling!  Are you?  Remember:  Smile – God Loves You!  Share It!