A Page From My Journal!

This is a page out of my personal journal that might help you to know my heart a little better.  I hope that it will be a blessing and encouragement!

I know that God desires to do great things in and through our lives!  I know that He wants to and is willing to use me to help grow others.  I know that the blessing and fulfillment in my life and the life of my family comes from God’s activity with, to and through me.

God is teaching me that I cannot do the things that He is calling me to do by myself.  There must be a team!  This team starts with my family and their willingness to understand and remind themselves of the High Calling that God has placed upon my life.

It is no small thing to be called, gifted and equipped by God to do something that is bigger than yourself, bigger than what I am able to dream or imagine.  This is the work that I believe that God has called me to and words cannot even come close to describing or explaining it!

There must be a supporting team of staff – paid and volunteer that will walk with me, trusting that I am trusting God.  Personal agendas must be laid aside for the pure pursuit of God’s prize!

I cannot do all that God has created me for without the help, assistance, support and encouragement of a congregation of growing and developing Believers!  This world can be impacted by our faith!  But it must be a real and genuine faith that changes our lives first and then the world.

I love God with all of my heart – I cannot exactly explain why – I just do!  And the great desire of my life is to live for Him, serve Him and do whatever I can to give Him pleasure.  I believe that the best way for me to accomplish this goal is with and through His Bride – The Church.

May His hand continue to guide my life, select my goals, develop my strategy and bring real and powerful blessings into all of our lives!