Sunday – Review And Rewind!

I don’t normally write a blog on Sunday evening, but I just could not resist taking a few moments to share a few thoughts from what God had to say to the Northwood Family today!

Do You Get It? I really hope that each of us are beginning to grasp this amazing reality that God loves us.  I am convinced that when we really get a hold of God’s love, it will get a hold of us and change our lives and the way that we are living them!

God Has Done His Part! He loves us!  He has proved it and proves it again and again – everyday of our lives.  We don’t have to wonder if He loves us.  Just open your eyes and look around, you can see His love all around you.  Just open your ears, you can hear God’s love all around you.  Just open your heart, you can feel God’s love flowing to and through you!

It Is Time For Us To Do Our Part! Our part is loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength!  (Mark 12:30 & Matthew 22:37-38)  We have a choice to make!  It is easy to say that we love God, but it has to be more than talk!  God is not looking for “pretend love”.  God is looking for the real deal!

You Have A Decision To Make! What are you going to do with God’s love?  Do not assume anything and do not take anything for granted when it comes to God’s love!  Most people in our churches are wasting the love of God.  If we really had it and were sharing it, then our churches, communities and world would be a very different place!

Coming Up! Tomorrow I will share some questions that we asked ourselves on Sunday morning.  Questions that help us to examine ourselves to see who we are and if our relationship is real or fake?  Until then, take some time tonight and tomorrow morning to talk with and listen to God – You can hear, feel and know His love in a very real way!  God Bless, Press On And Give God Glory!