Your Choice!

Your Choice!

God Wants A Real Relationship! God spreads His Word Of Love everywhere and to everyone!  You may not think that you deserve His love, but the truth is:  His love is already in your life!  The fact that you woke up this morning is evidence of His love.  The ability to be able to read and understand these words is more evidence of His love.  The fact that you get to decide what you are going to do about what you are reading is even more evidence of His love.  God loves you and His love is in, through and all around you!

The Question We Need To Answer Is This: What is your life going to do with His love?  If you are not careful, you will miss out on it!  You may get it, but then lose it, because you fail to take advantage of the opportunity that He has given you to grow it.  Some people get it, but then fail to enjoy it, because they allow other  junk to crowd into their lives and the other junks chokes the good stuff of God out.

Some People Get It, Give It And It Grows! And this is exactly the way that God intends for it to be!  God provides the seed of love and you decide what you will do with it!

You’ve Got A Choice To Make! Live an accidental life and lost it all!  Live a shallow life and end up with nothing.  Live an anxious life and miss out on the real joy that God has for you or live a love life and receive, give and grow.

The Right Choice Changes Everything! I encourage you to take some time today to enjoy being loved by God!