Do You Have One?

This past Sunday morning we presented everyone in attendance at Northwood with a Smiley Face Button and the instructions to wear it and when someone asked about it, to respond by saying:  It reminds me to smile because God loves me!  Then offer it to the person asking and encourage them to smile, because God loves them!

I Love The Stories! It has been amazing to hear your stories and to see these Yellow Smiley Face Buttons all over the community.  In fact, we have placed an order for a whole new batch.  It is a very simple way to plant a seed of truth that God loves us and has an amazing plan for our lives!

Our series this month is “All You Need Is Love!” And love is all you need as long as it is God’s love flowing into and through your life!  I hope that you can join us this Sunday as we take some time to really think about what loving Him back looks like!

Until then, keep smiling and remember:  God Loves You!