This post is based on the introduction of my message last night at FOCUS!

Power is attractive and alluring! Most of us believe in God and we believe that He is powerful and so we are attracted to Him.  We think that if we can in some way figure out how to make His power work on our behalf, then we will have it made.

When you stop and think about it for just a minute – it is really amazing to think about the things that will motivate a person to pray. When a woman learns that her husband is interested in another woman – she will pray.  When a man learns that he is about to lose his job – he will pray.  When a student is about to take a test – they will pray.  When a child wants something that they cannot have – they pray!  When we get to the place where we have exhausted our resources, then we will make and take the time talk with God in the hope that we might manipulate Him to do what we cannot.

These acts of manipulation can best be viewed as religion. And it is sad but true that most of the people in our world today have religion, but not relationship. Religion is the human attempt to harness or manipulate the power of God!  Our lives are always under a constant threat and we want power to be able to stand up to and against those threats.  We know that even when life is good, it is never completely safe and so we try to utilize the one power source that we know of – GOD!

The thing that we need to understand is that God cannot be and is not going to be manipulated. But we don’t need to manipulate God, because God already has our best interest at heart.  God loves you and has a plan for your life! That is more than just a catchy little phrase.  It is truth – God’s truth that flows out of His mouth, through His Word and into and through our lives!

Lay your religion down and stop trying to manipulate God! Pick up a real and meaningful relationship and trust God to work as He sees fit on your behalf.  Follow Him and be obedient to what He teaches in His Word and He will use even the bad for good in your life as you love Him!

One thought on “POWER!”

  1. It is amazing what will drive us to pray. As I look back, I see how selfish I have been in my prayers since accepting salvation. I have viewed God as One I could run to when times were tough and not going my way. This was me trampling on the One that gave everything He was just for me. WOW! But God is so much more than that. He wants to have that personal relationship with us that benefits us and glorifies Him. Over the past several weeks, I have realized that when I spend the first part of my day with Him in prayer and reading the Bible and then pray for the even the smallest of things throughout the day, my day goes much smoother and I am able to take on things I wouldn’t normally be able to take on. This, I believe, is His power that He chooses to unleash in my life. Don’t get me wrong, the attacks by the evil one come much more often and in clandestine ways to knock me off course, but that’s where I have to really be attentive to an follow what Biblical truth I’ve been taught. It becomes easy for me to get in the flesh and want to manipulate things to go the way I want them to go. Whoa! Go to God’s, seek counsel, and pray for Him to reveal His will for this situation to me.
    As my day winds down, spending just a few moments to reflect and pray for the things of today and the things I may face tomorrow allows me to rest in peace.
    MJ, thanks for the encouragement and for the Biblical advice you give.
    Sorry I missed the message, but I know you’ve got in on cd and I look forward to hearing it.

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