Storm Warning!

If you were outside having a party with your friends and you knew that a bad storm was about to come up – what would you do? Would you continue to party and pretend that the storm was not coming or would you get everything up and everybody to safety?  The answer to the question should be obvious.  Most of us would answer the question by saying that we would get everything up and everybody to safety, but I am not sure that this is always the truth.

You see my friends – there is a storm coming! We can hear the thunder and see the lightning and we know that we have a decision to make.  Will we continue to live our lives outside of God’s will, pretending that everything is alright or will we start to get things in order by making sure that we are really right with God.

I see people everyday that live life according to their terms, all the while playing the pretend game of acting like they care about what God wants. If we really care about what God wants, then it will change the way that we are living our lives!  Almost everyday of my life – God reveals something that I need to deal with.  When I deal with the things that He is pointing out, I am blessed and fulfilled, but when I fail to deal with the things that He is pointing out, I am frustrated and disappointed.

I believe that it is God’s desire for us to experience happiness. I believe that often times a storm will blow into our lives to try and encourage us to do the right thing.  If you find yourself in the midst of a storm, don’t miss your opportunity to get everything up and everybody to safety!  Storms don’t have to be a bad.  Storms can actually be good, if you will allow them to influence your life in the right way!  What storm is blowing into your life and what are you going to learn from it?