Do You Mean It?

What if people really meant what they say? Have you ever thought about that?  I have people everyday that say things to me about how much they love, appreciate and support me.  I have been in ministry to God and service to people long enough to realize that what most people say and what most end up actually doing are two very  different things!  And what is really disturbing is most of the people that I am talking about profess to have a relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

In my time with God this morning – I was thinking about how many awesome and wonderful things could be accomplished if what people say was actually true.

People say:  I support my church! What does that actually mean?  If you are supporting your church then you are giving above and beyond any expectations, especially your own.  You are giving more than 10% of your income.  You are giving of your time without any thought of what you are going to get in return.  You are giving of your spiritual gifts – just so that God  will get the glory!

People say:  I support you! What most of them really mean is this:  “I support you as long as you are doing what I want or as long as things are going the way that I think they should!”  Churches everywhere have been blessed with men that love God, love the church and love the people – yet these men and their families often have to ride emotional roller coasters depending on which side of the bed people got out of this morning!

For the people in my congregation – thank you to those of you that say it and mean it! You are a strength and encouragement that goes beyond anything that words can describe.  I am so looking forward to what God is going to accomplish through our working together!

Just A Ramble!

Share A Splash Outreach!
Share A Splash Outreach!

I just want everyone to know that I am super pumped right now! The past several weeks have been absolutely amazing.  God is teaching me and showing me so many different things.  Do you know how it is to know that you know something, but then it gets confirmed and you know that you really know it? That is the kinda stuff that has been going on in my life and it has really got me excited about what God is up to.

I just wanted to take a moment to say to all of you that read this blog and share words of encouragement – thank you! Your sticking with me and allowing me to have a little impact in your life means more than you can know.  I want more than anything to be able to help people discover that there is a God, He cares about you and He really wants to have a personal relationship with you!

I am so looking forward to our teaching time tonight at Northwood – it is going to be a great time of learning about how to really give God control. And I cannot even began to try and help you understand how excited I am about this coming Sunday.  God is going to take this church to a great and new place or get ready to shut it down!  I am hoping, praying and working for the great and new place!

I hope you enjoyed the ramble – I’m out!

Five Questions To Grow On?

My Friend Bobby!
My Friend Bobby!

We all need to grow! Everyday that God gives you another day on this planet is an opportunity to grow for His glory and other people’s blessing.  Here are five questions that we all ought to ask ourselves on a regular basis to make sure that we are growing in the right direction!

What Are You Learning? You are never to old to learn.  It has been my observation through my short life that the people who seem the youngest are those who are always seeking to learn something new.  Learning means growing.  Take time today to learn something new.  Read a book, have a meaningful conversation and really listen to all that is going on around you!

How Are You Praying?  We can’t make it through the ups and downs of this life without having conversation with our Creator.  God loves you and wants to have conversation with you.  Our praying should consist of our going to God about our troubles, and it should also consist of our going to God with our whatever.  Take some time today to get in some quiet time with God – you will be glad you did!

When Are You Giving? If everyone took and nobody gave, then this would be a very messed up world!  Take a good look at your life and observe the times that you are giving.  If we are not careful – we will get into a routine of only giving when someone has given to us.  I am not sure that this is really giving at all.  True fulfillment in life flows out of our giving and seeking nothing in return.

Where Are You Going? Fail to plan and plan to fail!  You have to know where you are going and it really helps if you have a plan on how you are going to get there.  Take a few moments today to think about where your life is taking you.  Is it where you really want to go?  If not, then make the necessary adjustments!

Why Are You Still Reading? You’ve got work to do – if you are going to do all the growing that God has planned for you – so get busy!