I Want It My Way!

What Goes Up!
What Goes Up!

Most of the people that I know in life want it their way! Most of us grew up when “Burger King” promised that you could come in and order however you wanted and they would prepare it “Your Way!”  When we were just babies we wanted our way and we would cry, jump up and down, and even bang our head against the wall to get our way!  Now that we have grown up – we still want our way and we are determined to get it one way or another!

But I want to challenge you to stop and think for just a moment today! Is there a better way than “YOUR WAY?”  For those of us that are Christ Followers, we know that there is a better way than our way and we know that our way only gets in the way of the better way that our Creator has for us, but still we battle to get our way!

God has a way for your life and it is probably much different than the way that you think you want or deserve. God’s way is to take you to a place of growing, fulfillment and blessing.  God’s way is to use the bad stuff of life for your good as you trust Him, yield to His way and love Him.

If you knew that there was a better way than your way – would you take it? God has a better way, but we have to be willing to give up our way to grab a hold of His way.  It is not easy!  In fact it is a continuous, moment by moment, never ending struggle!  But it is a struggle worth our enduring!

In the very next moment – consider and make the choice to live God’s way! And try to do that with as many moments as you can today and at the end of the day – you will be glad you did!